Machine Learning in the cloud


(George Zoto) #1

Hello machine learning team,

I really like your features for on-premise ELK servers. Last thread I found was suggesting support for cloud by October 2017. Is ML for cloud now available? Any timeline suggested? I plan to use elastic cloud exclusively and could really use this feature.

Thank you,

(Jymit Singh Khondhu) #2

@georgezoto I am aware we are aiming for the end of H1 2018, come, beginning of H2 2018. As you may be aware this can always be subject to change.

(George Zoto) #3

Thank you for giving me an idea.
By H1 you mean first quarter or first half of 2018?

(Jymit Singh Khondhu) #4

Half :slight_smile:

(Mark Walkom) #5