ECK YAML examples for production-grade deployment

Hello, I have an on-prem setup that I want to move to the cloud. I want to run it on Kubernetes for portability. I have selected AWS EKS (since I have credits). I am able to follow the ECK document and get basic nodes up and running. However to run a production-grade deployment there are many things to be considered.

I wanted to know if there are any good kubernetes deployment sample files that I can readily use for a multi-node deployment replete with persistent volume configuration etc.

Currently, I am evaluating this:


Hi, would appreciate some response here.

I could use the official helm charts but says that ECK is now the Elastic recommended way.

But the example given here ( is not close to production. The helm charts are better in that regard.

Considering future prospects, should I go the ECK route or helm charts is fine? Thanks.

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