ECS: Schema for IBM Mainframe und IBM MQ

we are ingesting MQ data into Elastic and are planning to ingest IBM mainframe data.
We believe that for correlations of cross-plattform application events ECS is needed.
Both objects have strcutures which are not included in the actual ECS.
Do you have any plans to support IBM MQ and IBM Mainframe with ECS?
Would you assist us in creating the necessary schema?

Hello, sorry for overlooking this message.

A community contributor is already working on a Filebeat module mapping to ECS for IBM MQ. You can check it out here:

For your other IBM Mainframe logs, you should try to map them to ECS with your current ingestion pipeline. After some preliminary work on your part, you can show us what you have and we can give you some feedback on your mapping to ECS.

Thanks, for the info!
we are collecting MQ Details from QMGr on Windows via winlog beat and for the Linux QMgr I've written our filter for filebeat.
I was more interested in an change, hints and tips on IBM Server z Schema, which I'm about to develop.
best regards,

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