Editor for FieldFormat-plugin in new platform

I have created a simple plugin based on the truncated string plugin, now I am trying to add parameters for the plugin. I would prefer to do that using an editor, much like the base plugin for truncated strings has, but I am unable to get it to work. I know there are constantly changes coming to Kibana, and at least some versions ago the FormatEditor had not been migrated to the new platform yet.

Now I am working on Elastic Stack 7.8.1 and trying to implement the editor for my FieldFormat plugin. I get the idea from looking at examples how to define it, but my question is really:

How do I register a FormatEditor in Kibana and connect it to be used with my FieldFormat plugin?

i don't think there's currently an extension point for that, but you can open an issue on github for it.

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