ElastAlert for No logs in Kibana

Currently, I have a flatine alert that correctly triggers if there is no log in Kibana for a component. The component's logs are sent to Kibana from 4 IPs. The problem I have is: since I am using flatline alert, it does not show for which IP the log has stopped. I will have to go to Kibana and manually run the query 4 times to know which IP does not have logs. So, I am looking for 1) If flatline alert can display the IP for which alert has stopped or 2) Replace flatline alert with a 'frequency' or 'any' type alert .

The alert I have in place is:

nextrulename: RLCMNoKibanaLogs
index: logstash-*
type: flatline
query_key: ["@module_tag", "ipaddr"]
threshold: 1
  minutes: 5
  minutes: 0
use_count_query: true
doc_type: fluentd
- query:
      query: '@module_tag:rlcm'
alert: my_alerts.AlertManager
  alertsrc: ElasticSearch
  kafka: 'true'
  slack: 'true'
  severity: info  
  description: No logs reaching kibana for RLCM component.
  summary: No logs available in Kibana from RLCM for the last 5 minutes.

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