Elastic 2.2.0 impact of adding nodes

(jean-luc touzalin) #1

Hi all,

We add 2 nodes on a heavy 3 nodes elastic cluster and I'm not clear on what happens after.
Can someone explain me what the cluster is doing when new nodes arrive ?
In fact the cluster seems to work for several hours ans only put 50Mb of data on the new nodes.


(Mark Walkom) #2

It will move shards around to balance allocation.

How many indices and shards do you have?

(jean-luc touzalin) #3

shards: 488, indices: 78.
the default of 5 shards and one replica is used on indices and we add 2 nodes (to have 5 nodes).
At the moment, the cluster hangs for several hours (degrading performance) and did almost nothing.
Can a shard be moved without interruption (I cannot stop the data flow)?

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