Elastic 2.6 Monitoring with 6.x

We have a older cluster running in ES version 2.6. Can I send the monitoring data of this cluster to a newer version ES cluster, that is running 6.2 and used as monitoring cluster?

If yes, does the dashboards and other work seamless?

Need info urgently.

Thanks for help.

Read this and specifically the "Also be patient" part.

Putting (Urgent) in the title is useless.
And I don't think this is more urgent than a cluster which is down...

Anyway. No you can't do that.
BTW Elasticsearch 2.6 does not exist. I supposed you meant 2.4.6?

Thanks David. It can be inferred from elasic compatibility article. Regardless, thought of checking as the monitoring data is getting stored in a indice.

BTW . .removed (URGENT) :slight_smile:

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