How to point Monitoring to correct Indices

I have a single node monitoring cluster, which has been monitoring a larger cluster without issues for some time. This morning the main cluster had issues.. I've since recovered that cluster, but the monitoring node still says it has no data. When I do a _cat_indices, I can see that since I recovered the main cluster, the index names have changed from .monitoring-es-2-* to .monitoring-es-6-. Clearly my Kibana installation is still trying to access data from the es-2 index whoch now doesn't have data in for the correct time frame. How can I tell Kibana to look in the es-6- index instead?

Hi Steve

It looks like Kibana was not upgraded to the same version as of Elasticsearch and hence you are seeing the issue. Can you plz let us know what versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana are you presently running ? It would help narrow down the problem.

As a best practice, if you can run the same version of all parts of the stack, that's ideal.


I got it working by upgrading the monitoring cluster to to v5.5.1 . Prior to the issues, the monitoring cluster was running an older version of the stack than the production cluster is was monitoring, but had no issues.

That's very nice. In general, that will continue to be the case, but the monitoring cluster should always be the same version or newer than the version that it is monitoring for this reason.

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