Elastic[5.x] Is it possible to validate the query having filters on meta data

Currently, I've been using the validate API of elasticsearch in order to validate my query.
the URL that I am hitting is as follows:

curl -X GET -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data @query.json 'http:// /_validate/query?explain=true

the file query.json contains the following:
{ "query": { "match_all": {} }, "filter": [ { "meta": { "index": "Node-DEMO", "negate": false, "disabled": false, "alias": null, "type": "exists", "key": "node_stats.indices.docs.count", "value": "exists" }, "exists": { "field": "index_stats.total.query_cache.miss_count" } } ] }

Error that I received: org.elasticsearch.common.ParsingException: request does not support [filter]

Is it possible to validate this query?

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