Elastic-agent-control.sock: operation not supported on socket

Hey there,
I have an Elasticsearch and Kibana instance running via Docker images (I have configured the secure option). Now I am trying to install the elastic-agent to start the Fleet Server but I am facing this error:

Error: failed to copy source directory (/Users/aaa/Work/ELK/elastic-agent-7.15.0-darwin-x86_64) to destination (/Library/Elastic/Agent): open /Users/aaa/Work/ELK/elastic-agent-7.15.0-darwin-x86_64/data/tmp/elastic-agent-control.sock: operation not supported on socket

I downloaded the elastic-agent version for Mac and I am using the install command copied from Fleet UI.
Command is running using sudo directive. Is there anyone can help me?

Did you just unpack the directory and then run install or run anything before?

What version of OS X are you running?

@blaker I remember we had some previous discussions around permissions on OS X needed?

hi @ruflin
just unpack and run the command
Mac version is Big Sure 11.5.2

Hm, one thing that came to mind is maybe in the Security settings in OS X you would need to grant Elastic Agent more premissions but I don't think this it.

Could you share the exact install command you were running?

I don't have any specifics to offer yet, but generally - I might ask:

  • are you running this locally, live on the Big Sur host or is it via a tool like Ansible? Or over SSH in terminal?

  • Attaching a non-Docker Fleet Server into the Docker based stack with correct networking / permissions sounds like a possible source of the problem - did you mind to share any docker.compose file you used? there will be some public examples in our Elastic repos about doing this, that may help

  • it is a long shot, but after a failed attempt, are there any files on the local macOS disk that could be cleaned up before trying again? I don't see anything about sockets in the Troubleshoot common problems | Fleet User Guide [7.15] | Elastic troubleshooting guide, but elsewhere for macOS the Agent docs will tell you where files on disk and you can remove them to clear cruft perhaps?

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