Elastic Agent Crashes and Restarts Every Second on Windows 11

Hey, I just setup the Elastic Stack to act as a SIEM and successfully deployed the Elastic Agent on 2 systems: my personnal laptop (running windows 10 pro) and my ubuntu 20 VPS. Both work fine.
However, when trying to install and enroll the Elastic Agent to my personnal Desktop running this:

I had problems.
The installation was successful:

However, in fleet the agent was stuck at "updating":

When I looked in the services in windows, the elastic agent service kept going from running to stopped every second:

When looking at the event log, we see that it keeps crashing and restarting:

When looking at the logs in C:\Program Files\Elastic\Agent\data\elastic-agent-xxxxxx\logs, there is nothing interesting here (all files are the same):

I tried enrolling the agent with my default policy (with integrations system, packetbeat, metrics and endpoint security) and with another policy with 0 integration, same thing happens.

I am running Elastic Agent 7.16.2.

Any idea what might cause this? Thanks for your help, I greatly appreciate Elastic Products <3

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