Enroll and start the Elastic Agent - Windows

Hi I can not find the elastic-agent.exe in the winlogbeat-7.14.0-windows-x86_64 folder

Elastic Agent is it's own download.


Hi thanks for the info I am getting the following error.

I am going to try the installers over RPM/DEB

You need to execute the elastic-agent install from within the same folder that you extracted it to.
If you extract the elastic-agent.zip to a folder called 'elastic-agent' under your 'Program Files' folder, and execute it from there, it will create a new folder called 'Elastic' with a subfolder of 'Agent'.

Make sure your Powershell windows has admin rights.

Thank you so much I managed to install the agent however I do not know how to maintain the agent online

Finally! I managed make that work Thank you guys

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