Elastic-agent filebeat logs spams error messages and overflows the memory

We are running elastic-agent (7.15.1) to monitor Kubernetes cluster we have encountered a problem with filebeat filling the logs with error messages and overflowing the memory causing agent processes (filebeat, metricsbeat and the agent itself) to run out of memory and fail again and again.

The error message that gets spammed and occurs tens of thousands of times in a very short timespan:
[elastic_agent.filebeat][error] Error extracting container id - source value does not contain matcher's logs_path '/var/lib/docker/containers/'.

The issue with this specific error message seems to already be floating around (https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/27216) and there is supposedly a fix coming up with version 7.16 (https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/27689)

Is there a way avoid or fix this problem without waiting for 7.16 to be released?

The elastic-agent is deployed based on this configuration: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elastic/beats/7.15/deploy/kubernetes/elastic-agent-managed-kubernetes.yaml

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