Migrate from beats to elastic-agent

Hello ,
can we replace Filebeat and Metricbeat in Elastic agent by beats (already exists filebeat and metricbeat)

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Yes, Elastic Agent contains both of those Beats.

Hello , I can't find how I can do that any ideas plz

Do what sorry?

I have already beats (filebeat and Metricbeat version 7.8.0) but my elastic-agent(version 7.16.0) , I Want that my logs sources use (filebeat and Metricbeat version 7.8.0) instead of filebeat and metricbeat v-7.16.0

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Okey ,sorry

any ideas about the topic please. I'm stuck

Why do you want to use an older version of the Beat inside the Agent? Because you cannot do that, you will need to run them outside the Agent.

hello , how can I run them outside of the Agent , I don't have any idea , I'm looking for that since a week

Filebeat quick start: installation and configuration | Filebeat Reference [8.3] | Elastic is the standalone approach.

I would like to use older version because the newest consumes memory

All versions consume memory?

However you can change the version of the documentation to the one you want.

the problem is when i installed Elastic-Agent version 7.8.0 it failed to start , I have this as a mistake : Failed to start Agent manages other beats based on configuration provided.

If you want to use the older versions of the Beats then why not uninstall the Agent?

I really wanted to add endpoint security but since we can't install endpoint security as a beat I have to install Elastic-agent

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