Can EA replace all beats?


Topic title says it all.
At this moment I am buidling up a new platform based on 7.9.3 . I still need to install filebeat/metricbeat on dozens of servers and am wondering: would Elastic-agent eventually replace those and if so, it is already mature enough to do so?


Hi Tuckson

Elastic Agent is still in beta but we are hard at work to get it into GA in the near future. Our plan is to add more Beats to it like Packetbeat too so you only have to install a single binary. Should you use it in your production environment? I think this more depends on how comfortable you feel with running a beta product there. Of course our goal is to have it as stable as possible, but there are also reasons it is still beta :wink:

lol...Well, it's not just about comfort, it's about company policies as well.
But any estimation on when it might get out of beta?

Sorry, can't give you a date as we don't share the roadmap in public.

ok,thnx anyway

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