Windows Beats - Beta status

Hello, we are working with a large US client with many 1000s of Windows 64-bit OS servers. The client's architecture policies will not let an unsupported (beta) elements of their Elastic Platinum license be deployed in production due to risks of non supported beta disclaimers by Elastic.

Is there any version of Beats MetricBeat, FileBeat , Winlogbeat that are supported and non-beta on Windows by Elastic in the Platinum license current version ?

If no, are there any plans by Elastic to move Beats out of Beta 'ever' for Windows or will they always just carry Windows Betas with the 'beta' disclaimer ?

Thank you.

All the main ones you mention (winlog/metric/file) aren't listed as beta on Windows.

Why do you think they are?

Thank you warkkolm for your prompt reply! :grinning:

It seems that this "beta" splash always comes up and I have not seen any simple index of which beats components/versions are beta vs. non-beta.

So because of this below we are under the understanding that all Windows elements of Beats are Beta:

Can you please guide me a link that shows me which version/release of what are beta vs. not ?

Or is this just an outdated documentation splash ?


I think you will find that is the only beta parts for the 3 beats you mention, and that's just the module for Windows rather than the entire beat.

If you/your customer has a platinum license and has concerns, they should reach out to their support engineer and have a chat.

For Metricbeat you can see a list at You can change the version selector on the docs to see what's Beta for that specific release.

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