Packetbeat for windows?

I want to install packetbeat latest version for windows. In there is no windows version. Can anyone help me for installing packetbeat in windows.?

You'd have to compile this yourself for now.

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We want Packetbeat for windows @tudor. It will be very helpful to all ,in all needs. I heard that you are working on that. When it is going to release?

We target the release in ~1w time, it will have basic windows support.


And metrics SQL Server and windows services!!!! :grin:

I see this is listed under beta3 in the issue tracker... @tudor Any update on ETA for the windows client release? Running in a mixed environment, so really looking forward to this.

Will there be MSSQL support or just IIS/HTTP to start?

We just released beta3 with windows support:

Unfortunately now MSSQL support yet.