Clarification regarding filebeat and metricbeat support policy

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I've been going over the docs and this forum for an official version support policy for metricbeat and filebeat but I have not had any luck yet. I'd be grateful if someone could link me to it, if it exists. If not, i think it'd be helpful for a lot of people to have it written out somewhere.


@ishaq Welcome to the community! ....actually it is pretty straightforward.

A) If you are using Elasticseatch with Free / Basic license there is no support for metricbeat, filebeat or any Elastic component

B) if you have a commercial license like Platinum or Enterprise the Elastisearch , Kibana, metricbeat, filebeat, logstash etc are all supported with the same level of support

What exactly are you looking for?

So if you have a commercial license filebeat, metricbeat are covered by the following.

Heyy, I guess what I'm looking for is active maintenance of Free / Basic license. I've found it here which pretty much clarifies it except, when it is said that 8.x is supported until the release of 9.0, are all minor versions of 8 in maintenance and receive bug fixes / updates etc? Or only the latest minor release of 8 at any given time will receive patch updates

That is up to product management. If there is a bug or security patch, sometimes it's required to roll forward to a new minor release..

Example say you were on version 8.10.0... And there There was a significant bug fix. Then fix could be applied to 8.10.1 or perhaps it may only be fixed in 8.11... you'll need to keep an eye on the release notes.

In general, each minor version will reach some stable patch release and then not continue to get patched. The future releases get patched as they needed

Hope that helps

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