Stopping automatic update of beats via public elasticsearch reop

Hello all. When we first installed ELK on our series of boxes the external Elasticsearch repo was used for Linux and installed. Unfortunately we are seeing that the beats on this box (Metricbeat, etc) are updating ON THEIR OWN without us doing so. For instanced we had Metricbeat 7.9 running on the box and then on Nov. 10 Metricbeat automatically updated on the ES box to 7.10 without us telling it to.

We have removed the elasticsearch repo from /etc/yum.repos.d, and also the cache at /var/cache/yum and we are good...but can you guys tell me where the config is on Elasticsearch and Logstash to turn this off from the front-side to stop it from doing this? Thanks

It's not possible for Beats to do this themselves. Do you have some kind of config automation (ansible, puppet, other) on the system?

Thanks so much. Absolutely correct. There was an antiquated orchestration promise that was updating it. Repo was open in yum. Fixed.

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