Compatibility: Filebeat 8.x with Elasticsearch 7.17

Dear Community,

I seek guidance regarding a scenario where we aim to use a plugin developed for Filebeat version 8.10.x, which is intended to send data to Elasticsearch 7.17. Considering the potential compatibility challenges between these versions, I'm exploring possible workarounds to make this setup functional.

My primary inquiry is whether there exists a workaround to enable Filebeat 8.x to communicate effectively with Elasticsearch 7.17. Alternatively, I'm evaluating the feasibility of implementing an intermediary step by introducing Logstash into the architecture. Specifically, utilizing Filebeat 8.10 to Logstash 7.17 and eventually forwarding data to Elasticsearch 7.17. This consideration arises from the compatibility between Filebeat 8.10 and Logstash 7.17.

Any insights, suggestions, or workaround recommendations to bridge this compatibility gap between Filebeat 8.x and Elasticsearch 7.17 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support

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