Use older beats version with 7.X Elasticsearch

Im quiet new to elasticsearch.
I have a little (may very simple) Question about the compatibility betwen beats - logstash and elasticsearch.
If I want to upgrade my elasticsearch to 7.2 i can see that its compatible with logstash 6.8 and above and beats 6.8 and above (

If i look on the same page at the point Compatibility with Logstash i can see that logstash 6.8 is compatible with with beats >= 5.6.

So my simple question is:
Can i use a "older" beats version (in my case 6.3.2) with shipps the Data trough a 6.8 Logstash Instance to a 7.2 Elasticsearch Instance?

I know it would be better to have everything on the newest version, but in my case it takes a long time to update all beats and i want to use the new Features.

I hope anyone can help me.

Kind regards,

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