Elastic Agent for Mobile Android and iOS


We're using the Elastic Agent with Metricbeat , Filebeat , and Endpoint Security for Linux , macOS , and Windows and it's working nicely !

For Monitoring , Data Analysis , Alerts , and Machine Learning we're using Kibana .

Is it possible to have the Elastic Agent for Mobile Android and iOS for centralized Security , Monitoring , Search and Analysis on Kibana?


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Ricardo Calimanis

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@kal1s thanks for your request! I'm curious what functionality you want on android and iOS. You mentioned security and monitoring. If you can share more about your use case it would give us more context. Are you imagining endpoint security for mobile and what is your business case for this? For monitoring, are you imagining APM, crash reports, telemetry or other types of data? Again, can you share more details about your business case for monitoring as well?

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