Elastic agent install failing

When installing elastic agent on one host I am receiving the following error message:

panic: EvalSymlinks: too many links

goroutine 1 [running]:
        github.com/elastic/elastic-agent/internal/pkg/agent/application/paths/common.go:191 +0x51
        github.com/elastic/elastic-agent/internal/pkg/agent/application/paths/common.go:176 +0x19
        github.com/elastic/elastic-agent/internal/pkg/agent/application/paths/common.go:38 +0x1d

I've been successfully using the same installation steps on 65 other hosts with this being the only one to run into that error message. It's running on a windows server 2022 OS which about 1/2 of the other hosts were also using.

This can be closed. I was able to get the install to work by extracting and running from root folder instead of through downloads folder.

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