Elastic-agent msi?

Hi Folks,

How are folks deploying elastic-agent? I'd like to use intune to deploy elastic-agent however there is currently no .msi file, therefore:

  • can we have a .msi file pretty please?
  • How are folks doing this atm?


We currently do not have an MSI.

The correct way to install Elastic Agent is with the install command that is show in Kibana when adding an Agent. The will install the Elastic Agent into the C:\Program Files\Elastic\Agent and it will install it as a service on your Windows machine.

I would avoid rolling it out currently except in dev. The log's are not what you expect as the schema version has changed several times in the past 6 months and will only cause headaches.

A dirty way to do it is a powershell script to copy a zip file down to the machine then decompress and install. Not the method that you want but it works.

It's beta and painfully so.

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