Elastic-agent osquery through logstash doesn't work

Hello. We are managing Elastic Agents in Fleet. Entire Elastic Stack is on version 8.3.3.

We have problems doing osqueries in Kibana- the query seems to be successful but we get no results and no indexes are created:
"2 agents have responded, no osquery data has been reported".

In Fleet we have configured agent's output to logstash. In logs we see errors:
"Failed to publish events caused by: write tcp x.x.x.x:51787 (agent) -> y.y.y.y:5046 (logstash): wsasend: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host".

Is osquery supposed to work with logstash as output on agents? I can confirm that osquery is working when agent output is set to elasticsearch, but we need Logstash to work.

Any ideas/suggestions/things to try?


Looks like this is a bug that should be fixed in the next release (Osquerybeat: Fix osquerybeat is not running with logstash output by aleksmaus · Pull Request #674 · elastic/elastic-agent · GitHub)

@BenB196 That PR fixes the issue with the agent not running osquerybeat for any other outputs besides elasticsearch. It was merged into 8.3 here [8.3](backport #674) Osquerybeat: Fix osquerybeat is not running with logstash output by mergify[bot] · Pull Request #681 · elastic/elastic-agent · GitHub and was released as a part of 8.3.3, so the agent should run osquerybeat.

There was another issue where the data was not routed/saved properly into the elasticsearch datastream because the events where missing the datastream properties.

This was merged into 8.4 and should be a part of 8.4.0 release.


We got osquery working in our environment.
Upgraded the elasticsearch and logstash nodes to 8.4.0 but that did not resolve the problem.
Then upgraded osquerymanager integration from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1 - still nothing.
Then upgraded Fleet Server agent and all endpoint Elastic-agents to 8.4.0 and osqueries are now working. Thank you for your help!

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