Elastic-agent: output by integration and not by policy

i have an instance of elastic-agent on a server where i have multiple integrations. for most of them I need the Elasticsearch output. But, I also have some log files on that server which I want to send to Logstash for parsing.
The issue is that the agent output is set on the agent-policy level and not on integration level, thus limiting each agent to only one output format (according to documentation there can only be single policy per agent).

Is there a way to combine outputs or will I have to install Filebeat standalone in addition to Elastic-Agent on this server in order to harvest these log files and send to LS?


There is none, the output is per policy, so every integration in that policy will use the same output.

You will need to run a standalone filebeat instance to collect those logs and send to Logstash.

Thanks for the reply @leandrojmp