Elastic Agent Updating forever

Hello there,
I´m trying to install elastic agent on windows server box but for some reason appears to be something related with sc.exe command.

Follow the logs from the agent on this server:

[elastic_agent][error] Elastic Agent status changed to "error": "app metricbeat--8.5.3-f3110db5: rename C:\\Program Files\\Elastic\\Agent\\data\\elastic-agent-0e1a73\\install\\metricbeat-8.5.3-windows-x86_64 C:\\Program Files\\Elastic\\Agent\\data\\elastic-agent-0e1a73\\install\\tmp2128303434\\metricbeat-8.5.3-windows-x86_64: Access is denied."

My question is, which permission should I provide to elastic endpoint security to do it´s own magic?

Thanks for the attention

Two important tips are to create an inbound rule in Windows Firewall for the Elastic Agent application. The other is to disable System load metrics in the system integration.

Also evaluate if windows defender or your antivirus are interfering with the communication between the Elastic Agent and Fleet Sever.

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