Elastic APM 8.2, sourcemap not working, "unable to find sourcemap.url"

Elastic APM 8.2, sourcemap does not work.

Sourcemaps uploaded and saved in Kibana without issues.
Service version, service name looks good.

But it still always complains about "sourcemap.url not find":

Any idea why I cant get this to work?

Kibana version:

Elasticsearch version:

APM Server version:
8.2.1 (Elastic APM (Elastic Agent))

APM Agent language and version:

Browser version:

Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, deb, from source, etc.) and version:
Docker. Elasticsearch (8.2.1), Kibana (8.2.1), Fleet-Server (8.2.1) and Elastic APM (8.2.1) running as containers.
All services running as containers on the same host.


Here is the out from "elastic-agent inspect" on the APM instance/server:

Note: the URL for the fleet host, https://elastic-monitoring-fleet.<redacted>:9200 is going to reverse proxy (nginx) which is in-front the fleet server.

If anyone knows where I can see more information about the error I would like to know. I have checked multiple logs on the different services but can't find anything related to the souremap error.

Hi @mkf1,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you have a look at this?

Also recommended to check this for guidance


Hi @Alberto_Delgado

Thank you.
Yes I have seen that github issue. But we are not using relavete path in bundle_filepath, we have absolute path.

In the first screenshot in my post you can see that the bundle_filepath has the absolue path, e.g. https://<redacted>/995.4364f50e3faea049cebb.js

We have a simple powershell script which is using curl to upload the sourcemaps.

$files = Get-ChildItem -PATH $path -Recurse -Filter '*.map'

foreach ($file in $files)
    $fullname = $file.FullName
    $relativeSourceMapPath = $fullname.Replace($path, '')
    $relativeSourcefilePath = $relativeSourceMapPath.replace('.map', '')
    $relativeSourcefilePathURL = $relativeSourcefilePath.replace('\', '/')
    $absoluteSourcePath = "https://$iisHost" + $relativeSourcefilePathURL
    $CurlArguments = "-X", "POST",
        "-H", "Content-Type: multipart/form-data",
		"-H", "kbn-xsrf: true",
		"-H", "Authorization: Basic $kibanaBasicAuth",
        "--form", "service_name=$apmServiceName",
        "--form", "service_version=$version",
        "--form", "bundle_filepath=$absoluteSourcePath",
        "--form", "sourcemap=@$fullname",
        "--output", "nul",
	Write-Host "---"
    Write-Host "File: $absoluteSourcePath"
	Write-Host "File: $fullname"
    & $CurlExecutable @CurlArguments > $null 2>&1

This is working fine, we can't see any issue with how the sourcemaps are being uploaded and when we look at the Kibana /api/apm/sourcemaps endpoint the sourcemaps looks correct.

If there is any other log or anything I can look at to see why it fails with the "unable find sourcemap.url" error please let me now. I have checked all relveant logs that I know of in my elastic stack and can't see anything related to the sourcemap error.

I have done two edits to my post and added some more information about setup and the output of "elastic-agent inspect" from the apm instance/container.

I can see that it is this code that is throwing the "unable find sourcemap.url" here apm-server/fleet.go at 077d179ddff4d1bc5585a1b92d36ba068b02e585 · elastic/apm-server · GitHub .

If I understand correctly the apm-server is fetching the sourcemaps from the fleet-server via http request.
Then I would expect to see entries in my http access log for my fleet-server ( https://elastic-monitoring-fleet.<redacted>:9200), but there is no entries at all in the access log about http requests on /api/fleet/artifacts from apm-server.

Hi @Alberto_Delgado
I have figured out my issue
I have created a github issue about it here APM stacktrace doesn't work when more than 20 sourcemaps have been uploaded to /api/apm/sourcemaps · Issue #9372 · elastic/apm-server · GitHub


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