Elastic APM Agent on .net 6 supports multithreading scenarios?

I wonder if Elastic APM Agent on .net 6 supports multi threading scenarios because I am implementing it manually, I mean, I am creating the transactions with the Public API in a background service application with .net 6 .

Hi @Marcos_Ivan_Robles_H,

Yes, that should work just fine using the manual API.

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Hi Steve, thanks for the answer.

Is there any Elastic documentation talking about multi threading scenarios and elastic amp agent with .net core?

I know maybe the errors that I am facing are specific to my use case when doing processes in parallel , but if there are some examples of elastic apm together with multi threading scenarios it would be great.

Thank you!

My answer was geared toward using the APM agent from a BackgroundService in a worker service style app. I have no specific examples of that, but it should work.

What issues are you experiencing? Can you share any code?

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