Elastic APM JMS transaction grouping

Kibana version: 7.16.3

Elasticsearch version: 7.16.3

APM Server version: 7.16.3

APM Agent language and version: Java, version: 1.33.0

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I have several distributed JMS queues on a Weblogic Cluster (of 12 JVMs). Elastic APM Java Agent categorizes each member queue of a distributed queue as a separate transaction. Its using the fully-qualified queue name as the transaction name. Is there a way for me to group transactions across all members of a distributed queue under a single transaction name?

Example of a fully-qualified queue name:

JMS RECEIVE from queue OMSServer-jms!OMSJms_11@OMSRequestBridgeQueue

JMS RECEIVE from queue OMSServer-jms!OMSJms_12@OMSRequestBridgeQueue

JMS RECEIVE from queue OMSServer-jms!OMSJms_13@OMSRequestBridgeQueue

JMS RECEIVE from queue OMSServer-jms!OMSJms_14@OMSRequestBridgeQueue

I would like to group all these transaction under the name " JMS RECEIVE from queue OMSServer-jms@OMSRequestBridgeQueue"

I tried using the "transaction_name_groups" option but it doesn't seem to be working for JMS.

It should work...
I just tried it out with our JMS tests and it worked exactly as expected for me.
Try setting transaction_name_groups=JMS RECEIVE from queue OMSServer-jms*@OMSRequestBridgeQueue

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