Elastic APM multi Kafkalistener tracing


I am running java apmclient along with SB based microservice , we upload a file in azure storage explorer which triggers an event in KAFKA (topic1 ) , KAfkaListener(topic1) in SB mciroservice receives an event (Event-1) and forwards/sends the incoming message as it is to another topic (Event-2)-(topic2),another KafkaListener(topic2) which actually process the message and perform JDBC transactions .

So I can see traces for first KafkaListener (which says that message is routed to another topic) i.e Correct.

But i cant find any traces for event2 (topic2) which further has jdbc sql queries. I want to find traces for 2 event -topic2 which should have all jdbc sql queries traces. .

Hi @Shivangi_Vaish ,
Did you run your "second listener application" with elastic-apm-agent?
How do you consume messages in "second listener application"?
Are you using spring boot (KafkaListener) there too?

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