Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll with Serilog

Good afternoon,

I have services in .net6 and in this moment I'm using the next nugets:

  • Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll (1.20.0)
  • Elastic.Apm.SerilogEnricher(1.5.3)

I would like upgrade the packages but when I use the version 1.22 of NetCoreAll I have this error:

The singleton APM agent has already been instantiated and can no longer be configured.

I know that the message means that I'm creating 2 instances, but I think that the problem is the compatibility of the two libraries?

In serilog the next version is 8.6...

Someone has the same problem?

Thanks for all!

Sorry, the version of the service is .Net7

I saw the problem. Was an error code, I have a middleware that create another transaction but only in the version 1.22


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