Elastic APM + Yarp


I'm doing an http call to server, which in turn does an http call to another server

All that is instrumented with Elastic APM

Http > Server A > Http > Server B

If I use an httpclient to do the call from server A to server B => I see the full result in Elastic APM

If I use Yarp (a .Net reverse proxy) to do the same call, I don't see the full result in Elastic APM
I see both call separated, but not "linked" in the UI

A similar request has already been posted: elastic-apm-dotnet-yarp-issue/343247

But with this one, I provide a gthub repo to reproduce:

1/ Launch both projects
2/ call /getme from WebApplication2 => this works fine (using httpclient in a controller)
3/ call /weatherforcast => does not work fine (only part of the trace visible in Elastic APM)

I'm wondering if the X-Forwarded headers added by yarp are messing with Elastic APM collection

I've used a free Elastic cloud trial to repro

I hope you have access to the data from my trial account:
4ad8fed546814708965668fdd56b1d56 us-central1

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APM Agent language and version: 1.25.1 / dotnet 7

Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, deb, from source, etc.) and version:

I had the similar issue before, it should be related to Yarp customized DistributedContextPropagator. Moreover, if the incoming requests to Yarp contain traceparent / tracestate headers, it will capture the wrong parent-child hierarchy as Elastic APM does always resue the proxied HttpClient trace context headers if exists.

Here is the workaround you can apply in Yarp app to avoid those issues:

    .AddTransforms(context => context
    .ConfigureHttpClient((context, handler) => handler.ActivityHeadersPropagator = DistributedContextPropagator.CreateDefaultPropagator())
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