Elastic Certified Engineer course certification vs exam certification?

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It is great that elastic provide "Elastic Certification". I read the detail information for Elastic Certified Engineer and notice that after complete the course, it will have a certification for course complete.

but it also mention that, participant need to pass the exam, so, does it means there have another certification for exam? which one are the Elastic Certification for engineer?

and what is the price for Elastic Certified Engineer Exam? Does the course completion is prerequisite to exam?

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The Certification of Completion only indicates that the student attended the training. Certification is another matter entirely. Our first certification, "Elastic Certified Engineer", will launch in June. It is a hands-on, skills based test and should not be confused with the Certificate of Completion you get when attending training.

You do not have to attend training to attempt the exam. However, we recommend people interested in attempting the exam take training and then also fortify the skills they learn in training with some additional experience.

The "Elastic Certified Engineer" exam attempt price with be $400. If you do not pass then you can try again 2 weeks later at the cost of $400 again. There is no limit to how many attempts a person can have but there will be a 2 week period between each attempt.

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