Elastic Certified Observaibility Trainning Course - Lab 4.3

Course: <Which course are you asking about?> Elastic Observability Engineer
Version: <And which particular version?> 7.9
Question: <Please add details here!>
I am struggling with lab 4.3, here are what i exactly did:

  1. Login to "Kibana"

  2. Click "Stack Management"

  3. Click "Ingest Node Pipelines", then "Create a pipeline"

  4. Name the pipeline "my_weblog_pipeline" >> as provided in lab instructions
    5.Clcik "Add a processor"

  5. Select "Set" as processor type

  6. Copy the answer provided in lab instructions >> below is a screenshot:

  7. Click "Add"

  8. Click "Create pipeline", but got the below error:

I need your help to solve this issue pelase.
Thank you!


You don't need to set up a set processor but rather multiple processors (convert, remove, uppercase and date) as provided in the screenshot.

The answer provided in the lab's instructions is the body that needs to be used if you want to define the pipeline using the API

Thank you Romain for clarification.

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