Elastic.Clients fails indexing my data type with an IntegerRange (integer_range) in it even though I'm using a template mapping

The problem was caused by the use of the JsonPropertyName decorator on my data structure properties.

Never mind this didn't work either. The bulk indexing worked but it completely failed to serialize the names the way I had told it to in my data class using DataMember decorators.

I can't seem to find any documentation at all for 8.9's serialization. For example, my data members in a class are named variableName and I indicate them to be serialized as variable_name using the DataMember decorator like the Elastic.Clients library seems to do everywhere.

It turns out this doesn't work at all. It just ignores all my DataMember decorators and puts it as is, destroying my index template for the new index. What am I missing?

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