Elastic cloud 8.6 read only role

Can someone tell me how to create a read-only role in elastic cloud 8.6 version

Hi @aneeshks1982,

Are you asking how to create a read-only role API key? See api key documentation on how to. Notice the read privilege in the example shared.


Hi Joe,
My requirement is, I should have a user with read-only permission. I have created the user, now I need to assign a read only role(user should able to read all the indices) to that user. I couldn't find any in-built role created for read-only purpose.

Ok - couple of clarifying questions:

  • How did you create the user? Was it through stack management > security > users?
  • Have you looked at creating a new role within stack management > security > roles and created an index privilege and adding a wildcard to indices and read only privilege, then assigning the new user to the role?
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I have created user using "Create or update users API", which is too complex.

Now I tried your method and that works for me.. thanks a lot.

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