Elastic Cloud APM not showing logs in Transactions Page

What makes Kibana to not show docker container logs in APM "Transactions" page under "Logs" tab. I verified the logs are successfully being generated with the "trace.id" associated for proper linking.

I have the exact same environment and configs (7.16.2) up via docker-compose and it works perfectly. Could not figure out why this feature works locally but does not show in Elastic Cloud deploy.

UPDATE with Solution:

I just solved the problem. It's related to the Filebeat version. From 7.16.0 and ON, the transaction/logs linking stops working. Reverted Filebeat back to version 7.15.2 and it started working again.

Did you find out why it doesn't work with new Filebeat versions?
From what I can see in your screenshot, the message is not parsed properly. See also Introduction | ECS Logging Reference | Elastic which lists the recommended Filebeat log parsing configuration.

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