Elastic cloud APM server time based index template

I am running an Elastic cluster 7.17.x on Elastic cloud. I would like to switch to a time-based index template for my APM setup and cannot figure out how to do it. I am looking for a way to include a date in the index name pattern. For example, having apm-2022-12-13-xxx as the index name then every day a new one will be created according to ILM policy. I can see there are some instructions on how to do it for a self-hosted version but not sure how it can be done for a cloud version.

You should be able to just go into the default policy apm-rollover-30-days and edit it to max age in hot to 1 day... that will create daily indices.

This is the simplest way

Thanks @stephenb . Sorry, what I meant was using the date (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD) in the index name. I will update the question to make it more clear.

If you upgrade to 8.x It will do that automatically with data streams... :slight_smile:

All the backing indices for data streams are daily and have the date as part of the index name...

@stephenb Ah, is there any way to do that with 7.17.x? The upgrade is planned but won't happen over the next few months, so wondering if there is any way to do it with 7? I could find some instructions but they all seem to be for self-managed clusters where you have access to all configs not sure how that could work with the cloud version.

Show me what you found... That is probably legacy APM server I suspect you are running the Integration Server.

But either way it is not super straight forward... With the ILM it will work just not have the date in it....

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