Elastic Cloud availability zones


In the cloud management when choosing , when choosing 2 availability zones,
is the data replicated or splitted between data centers, but does it also mean, that both data centers are participating queries effort ?
How exactly does it help in day to day please?

I guess that nodes are splitted between data centers.
if that is true, is that slower than 1 data center? and also isn't that enough too have snapshots?

Distributing a cluster across 2 or more availability zones increases resilience dnd availability as long as your indices are configured to have a replica. All data nodes will participate in indexing and querying which can lead to improved query performance. You can also have one come go down (had happened) and still have s a n available and functioning cluster. Snapshots are taken periodically which means you may lose data if you have to restore one. It is also not instantaneous so will lead to downtime.

thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist
is there a benefit in mutli az for ML nodes?

Yes, it improves reliability and availability.

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