Elastic Cloud can't connect to Kibana

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I just started to use a trial version of the Elastic Cloud and created my first deployment. I also created a test VM to provide sample data through Metricbeat. Added the cloud.id and cloud.auth data to the configuration, the syntax is fine and the test output command runs without errors.
My problem is that when I click on the Kibana link on the deployment dashboard it says "Authenticating..." then has a timeout error every time. While going through the Metricbeat logs (which contain no errors btw.), I found a URL for Kibana with the 443 port and if I paste it in the browser it takes me to the login screen and I can log in with basic authentication and everything seems fine. If I click the cloud authentication option, it gives the same error (using port 9243).
What am I missing, how could I fix this?

Hi @mi_uber_alles Welcome to the neighborhood, and thanks for Elastic Cloud.

Are you logging in from a corporate network? If so most likely 9243 is blocked, we see this many times.

Just take the :9243 out of the Kibana URL and Bookmark it and try again.

All Elastic URLs all now work with default SSL port 443

The :9243 is a historical implementation, but 443 (default) will be fine.

Hope this helps




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Hi @stephenb, thank you for your time!
Enabling the 9243 port indeed let me to access Kibana directly from the dashboard, so I would say my problem is resolved.
Is there any way to change the endpoint URLs to use the 443 port instead of the 9243 (on the web dashboard)? Right now it only works manually and it would be nice to avoid enabling a legacy port on the firewall.

Hi @mi_uber_alles
Unfortunately you can not change the links from the console today, but like I said if you just bookmark or share or use in your code etc without the 9243 it will all work.
Thanks for using Elastic Cloud, this will get addressed at some point, but I do not have an ETA.

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Alright, looking forward to it! Thanks for your help!

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