Elastic Cloud Elasticsearch 7.11.x node tier index allocation

Hi All,

I noticed that when I started restoring backups in my Elastic Cloud cluster, except for the hot nodes the warm nodes started being populated automatically with data.
Is there any documentation about this behaviour? Is there any default ILM policy in place?

Thank you in advance!

Do you mean the snapshot was restored there?

Yes, the restored indices from the snapshot were found afterwards in warm nodes. I expected to see everything restored in the hot nodes and then be moved by applying a template with an ILM policy on these indices. The snapshot is from 6.x when there was no ILM or the concept of hot/warm/cold nodes.

I guess that will depend on things like;

  • any allocation rules you had for the index
  • if they were backed up as metadata with the rest of the snapshot
  • it the metadata was subsequently restored with the index
  • what tagging you had on your nodes that would match that (or not)

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