Migrating indices after adding warm and cold nodes to an existing cluster

Hi all,

following situation : we have an existing 7.12 ES cluster in Elastic Cloud, with 2 hot data nodes. Multiple indices exist which were following an hot-warm-cold ILM policy and are already in a hot, warm or cold phase, but there are no warm and cold ES nodes present yet.

What happens when warm and cold nodes are added to the Elastic Cloud setup ?
Will the existing warm and cold indices be rerouted automatically ?
Or does this rerouting need to be triggered ?

Kind regards, Ben

The cluster should detect these and move indices accordingly. You can definitely trigger a reroute if needed though.

The one question I would ask is; Are all your indices currently only allocated to the hot tier?

yes, all indices, in phase hot, warm or cold, are all in the hot tier.

Ok, well it might be worth reviewing your config before you add your extra nodes, just to make sure everything it ok.

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