“Elastic Cloud Enterprise Administration I” on-demand training course is badly out-of-date

I wanted to let you know that the on-demand course “Elastic Cloud Enterprise Administration I” is badly out-of-date. Following the lab setup instructions always yields an ECE 2 cluster, but all the videos, labs, text, and screenshots are for ECE 1. Bridging the differences is difficult and pointlessly distracting.

I am an experienced trainer, materials developer, and DevOps Engineer; I’d be happy to help you develop and test an updated version.

Also, the durations in the upper right of the course tiles are wrong.

ECE Admin I is 4-6 hours. X-Pack: Security and X-Pack: Machine Learning are 6-8 hours each. But, on the course tile, they all say 1.5 hours in the upper-right corner, leading one (me) to believe that all three courses can be completed in a day by a low normal (like me).

Thanks for all the info - much appreciated. I'll find out who looks after this training material and make sure they see this post!


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