Elastic Cloud forum

How does one access the Elastic Cloud forum? Was it removed or simply hidden from public view?

The restore from "other" cluster option was removed, and deleted from the docs as well, and I would love to know why.

Please see https://www.elastic.co/cloud/as-a-service/support on how to raise a support ticket for Elastic Cloud :slight_smile:

It's the way to go now.

That's a shame. The question does not merit a support ticket and could be potentially answered by other customers.

So where do non-customers ask general questions about Elastic Cloud without being redirected through a sales funnel? Stack Overflow?

That's a good question. Normally the questions we have about Cloud are coming from cloud users which then just have to ask the support.

Some people are asking in #elasticsearch though.

Hi @Ivan! I don't suppose https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud/current/ec-snapshot-restore.html#ec-sharing_a_repository_across_clusters helps? If I understand correctly, it may not be quite as nice as the through-the-user-interface feature that we had, but if you need something today it may be helpful.

Thanks Joe.

The missing UI piece and the removal of the documentation made me assume the functionality was also removed. Did not think to explore the documentation.

BTW, I rather prefer a 404 over a redirect to the main page if documentation is going to be removed.

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