Elastic Cloud | How and why to handle Kibana resources when creating deploy

I am wondering which would be the reasons/use-cases that would require to assign Kibana high RAM, CPU and zone resources.

I mean, it's clear what does this means for Elasticsearch component (I/O efficiency). But how these variables affect Kibana performance? What different use cases there are where these resources might/must be handled differently?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @caraboy

Use Cases Could Include any Combination of the Following.. all these use more CPU and RAM in Kibana

  • More Users / Concurrent Users doing Searches, Discover, Dashboards, Visualizations, Using the SIEM and or Observability Apps etc.
  • More Alerts - Alerting runs in Kibana ... Large scale alerting can consume significant resources
  • More Reporting - Reports are Generated Via Kibana

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