Elastic Cloud trial version setup


I did the setup of elastic cloud with the setup provided and able to ingest a nested JSON using filebeat to elastic search and kibana.The sample JSON is as below:
{ "name":"AAAA","time":1168167,"etime":1168167,"tnorm":0,"lt1":{"val1":[0.759,-1.406,313.839],"val2":[0.759,-1.406,307.639]},
{ "name":"AAAA","time":1168167,"etime":1168167,"tnorm":0,"lt1":{"val1":[0.759,-1.406,313.839],"val2":[0.759,-1.406.639]}

The Data sits in a variable called message in kibana and i am unable to visualize dashboard for each variable present in this JSON.For Eg: I want to view for val1 in lt1 how many datas are flowing in for 10 mins.

  1. Is there a way to build dashboard by querying the data present in kibana.
  2. or i need to write processor or analyser for parsing this data in elastic search and send data to kibana.
    Any help would be appreciated.

Tried couple of options to solve the issue but cannot see data for each field in kibana.I am able to see data all data under message field in Kibana.

Unfortunately data inside arrays does not work very well with Kibana. Could you index a document for each value that you want to visualize instead of one document that contains multiple values inside a field?

Can you please provide me a sample of how to do that as I tried working with JSON processor in elastic search but didnt get the proper answer.If i need to index each value in the document then my input should also be in that way am i correct with understanding.

Tried even creating Pipeline in elastic search and that too didnt work.Trying to figure out is there a way to achieve this as i have to use filebeat for shipping logs as i need to process all these logs everyday.

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