How to visualize json data obtained from filebeat in kibana


I'm new to elk. I've configured elk as a server and filebeat as a client and through filebeat, i'm sending the json format data (temperature values) to elk.Now i'm finding it difficulty to visualize only temperature values (which is in message column) across timestamp. Could anyone please help me out how to do it.

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it would be helpful if you put the sample of json format data and how ur data is stored in Elasticsearch index

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Please find the json format below and how it is seen in elk
"temp" : 40

"message": [
" "temp": 40,"

so the temp and message.temp seems same, so it is u to your choice which json data you use.

  1. Check in which index logstash or server send data to elasticsearch.
  2. Create Index patterns in Kibana with index above
  3. Choose Visualization menu in Kibana and click Create visualization button
  4. Choose graph which you want, line graph seems fit to to me across timestamp
  5. choose a source(index patterns) then the job is mostly done.

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