Visualize values from "message" in gauge


Hi everyone,

I'm new to elastic and I'm enjoying the functionalities so far. Maybe I still didn't get some basics, but here is my scenario:

I have a server which reads data from multiple sensors (like humidity, temperature, pH from a water probe etc.). These values are being written to multiple logfiles which are shipped to my ELK server through filebeat.

Basically a file looks like this:
cat ph-gas01.log


All I want to do now is, to display the latest value in a gauge diagram and later a historical graph.
For now I only like to visualize the latest value.
I think the main problem right now is, that Kibana recognizes the values as string and not as a float number, right?
Because right now the gauge is only showing a "count" of "151,896".

Really hope to learn something here :slight_smile:


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What you would need to do is to either use Logstash to ship the logs so that you can do grok processing on it and convert it to a numeric field, or use Elasticsearch ingest pipelines to do the processing when the data comes from FIlebeat.

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