Gauge vusualization

I've recently started trying out Elasticsearch and Kibana and I am trying out the Gauge graph

I am taking the average value of a field and set up the custom ranges like so.

I would Like to Know if it is possible to replace the displayed Number i.e. in this case "70" with a letter grade instead of the number itself.
e.g. the average value is 70 so the displayed letter should be D
i.e Assigning a letter to a range instead of a specific Number.
0 - 40 = A
40 - 45 = B
and so on

Can anyone provide a solution to My Problem.

Hi @DivinLobo. I don't think this is possible in Kibana.

However, the gauge in the TSVB visualization can change the color of the bar and text label based on results. I realize that's not exactly what you are looking for though.

You may wish to open a feature request.

Thank you for the Reply
But my visualization does not necessarily need to be a Gauge
I primarily need to display the final average as a letter grade.
Is there any visualization that can fulfill this requirement?
Any visualization will do.
Even something like a Metric that would just display a single letter.

Hi @DivinLobo. One way to do this is with Canvas. In the screenshot below, I added a table visualization to my Canvas workpad and applied a switch function to generate a new grade column based on the values of the percent_uptime column.

In your case, you'll need to get data for the visualization using an Elasticsearch SQL query to average the field value then modify the expression similar to what I did in the screenshot.

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